AfricaSan 4 Conference

30 May

The Executive Secretary of the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW), Mr. Bai Mas Taal announced today at the closing ceremony of the Africa Water Week the forthcoming AfricaSan 4 Conference which AMCOW is planning.

Date: 8 – 10 October 2014

Theme: ‘Sanitation in African: How Far, How Much More?’

Location: The King Fahd Hotel Dakar, Senegal.

Registration website opens end of June 2014.

Watch this space!


21 Feb

In emergencies, sanitation and hygiene can be the most important thing you need.

The American Resolution Preparedness Blog

Many of us are diligent in storing food and water for emergency use, but tend to forget to store items we use every day to stay clean and healthy. Many of these items would become luxuries during an emergency while others can help prevent contamination and illness. Start by making two lists of non-food items. First, list the items you definitely will use. Second, list the ones you may also need to help keep your surroundings clean. Begin with the first list and add those items to your home storage as soon as you can. Then, progress to the second list. Plan to rotate your supplies so that they stay fresh and do not lose their usefulness.

Here is a list of items you may want to consider storing. This list is not all-inclusive, so feel free to add to it. For all these items, track how much of each…

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21 Feb

This will help to protect our environment .

Sustainable Sanitation Solutions

Dennis Te

Although inexperienced in the field of wastewater management, through a bit of research I was able to gain a basic understanding of the system. However, in rural areas, the most common option is a septic tank system. Since it may be difficult to plan pipelines around the limited roads in rural India, the septic system serves as a suitable alternative. The benefits of a septic tank is that it is low in cost, requires no maintenance, and is perfect for low density populated areas. However, one of the major cons is that it is not maintained. in the case of wear, the septic tank may leak and cause an undesirable odor.
On the other hand, there is the high maintenance, high cost, high density population treatment centers that are an alternative to the septic system. These probably would not be suitable for the needs that we are trying…

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21 Feb

I strongly believe that water and sanitation as big an issue as they are should be championed by all sectors of our society. Join Matt Damon to end the crisis.


Sombi dancers, Ngas ethnic group.

20 Feb

Sombi dancers, Ngas ethnic group.

Sombi dancers